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Full List of Instructors 1961 - present

13-14 October 2023

2023 Gala Program

Taught by
Milo & Cinda Molitoris
with Doris Ho

Lemonade Twostep 2 (Molitoris II TS)

Ricordi Waltz (Molitoris III WZ)

Momentos Bolero (Molitoris IV BL)

Singin' In the Rain (Molitoris V FT)

Taught by
Randy & Marie Preskitt

Now When the Rain Falls 2 (Preskitt II WZ)

Cha Cha D'Amour (Preskitt III CH)

Hey (Preskitt IV RB)

Eternity (Shibata VI BL)

7-8 October 2022

2022 Gala Program

Taught by Susie & Gert-Jan Rotscheid

Some Days You Gotta Dance (Rotscheid II TS)

The Wonder Of You (Rotscheid III STS)

Seven Lonely Days IV (Rotscheid IV JV)

Dance In the Old Fashioned Way (Rotscheid VI FT)

Taught by Bob & Sally Nolen

The Flower That Shattered A Stone (Nolen II WZ)

One Drop Of Love (Robinson III CH)

Everything WC (Nolen IV WCS)

Who I Was Born To Be 2022 (Nolen V HCW)

11-12 October 2019

2019 Gala Program

Taught by Bill & Carol Goss

Most People Are Good (Goss II TS 2019)

Out Of Reach (Goss III RB 2019)

Summertime IV (Vogt IV FT 2019)

Shape Of You (Goss V SB 2019)

Taught by Randy & Rose Wulf

Sunshine & Whiskey (Wulf II TS 2019)

One (Wulf III FT/TS 2019)

Hot Tango (Wulf IV TG 2019)

Untold Love (Wulf VI RB 2019)

12-13 October 2018

2018 Gala Program | Top 10 Archive, 1997 - 2017

Figure Clinics: Peter & Chama Gomez / John & Karen Herr

Taught by TJ & Bruce Chadd

Aspenglow (Chadd II WZ 2018)

Angel Waltz (Chadd III WZ 2018)

I Am Free (Chadd IV CH 2018)

Hey There (Chadd V FT 2018)

Taught by Kristine & Bruce Nelson

Complicated (Nelson II TS 2018)

My Sweet Man (Nelson III JV 2018)

Tonight (Nelson IV RB 2018)

Mystique (Nelson VI WZ 2018)

3-4 November 2017

2017 Gala Program | Top 10 Archive, 1997 - 2017

Figure Clinics: Doug & Leslie Dodge / Mitchell Thompson & Chelsea Falk

Taught by Karen & Ed Gloodt:

The Mocking Bird (Gloodt II TS 2017)

It's Alright (Gloodt III JV 2017)

Love Will Find A Way (Gloodt IV STS 2017)

Never Let Me Go (Gloodt V WZ 2017)

Taught by Curt & Tammy Worlock

Af en Af (Seurer II TS 2017)

Here To Eternity (Kincaid III BL 2017)

They Can;t Take That Away From Me (Goss/Figwer IV FT 2017)

Our Hearts Still Go On (Worlock VI RB 2017)

4-5 November 2016

2016 Gala Program | Top 10 Archive, 1997 - 2016

Figure Clinics: Peter & Chama Gomez / John & Karen Herr

Taught by David Goss & Ulla Figwer:

Queen Of My Heart (Goss/Figwer III WZ 2016)

Mariana Mambo (Goss/Figwer IV MB 2016)

Lido Shuffle (Prow V JV 2016)

Taught by Mark & Pam Prow:

Papi (Ross III CH 2016)

Heart For Daddy (Prow III TG 2016)

Company Store (Prow IV FT 2015)

You're My World (Prow VI HCW 2016)

6-7 November 2015

2015 Gala Program | Top 10 Archive, 1997 - 2015

Figure Clinics: Becky & Dave Evans / Ed & Elvira Glenn

Taught by Steve & Lori Harris:

My Afrodizzyak (Harris III JV 2015)

Cuando Pienso En Ti (Harris IV BL 2015)

Hang On Little Tomato (Harris V FT 2015)

Taught by Randy & Marie Preskitt:

I Will Love You (Preskitt III WZ 2015)

Sweet Home Chicago (Kincaid IV WCS 2015)

Secret Garden Rumba (Goss VI RB 2015)

7-8 November 2014

2014 Gala Program (incl top 10)

Figure Clinics: Leisa & Mike Dawson / Mitchell Thompson

Taught by Sharon & Casey Parker:

Do You Wanna Dance (Healea II two step)

Lullaby for You (Parker III waltz)

Midnight Man (Parker IV jive)

And I Love Her (Parker V rumba)

Taught by Debby & Tim Vogt

Not Tonight, I've Got a Heartache (Woodruff II waltz)

You Raise Me Up III (Schmidt III slow two step)

Once Upon A December (Vogt IV viennese waltz)

Fascinating Rhythm (Vogt VI foxtrot)

1-2 November 2013

2013 Gala Program (incl top 10)

Figure Clinics: Harold & Meredith Sears / Paul & Linda Robinson

Taught by Kristine & Bruce Nelson:

A Little Too Late (Nelson II two step)

A Time for Waltz (Nelson III waltz)

Abraca-Cha (Nelson IV cha)

Como (Nelson VI bolero)

Taught by Judy & Hank Scherrer:

Free To Be . . . You and Me (Scherrer II two step)

Don Juan (Scherrer III tango)

Good Rockin Daddy (Scherrer IV jive)

The Last Blues Song (Scherrer V fox trot)

2-3 November 2012

2012 Gala Program (+Top 10) | Routines Danced (includes most requests) | 2012 Program Statistics

Top 10 Archive, 1997 - 2012

Figure Clinics: Bob & Sally Nolen / Peter & Chama Gomez | Bonus Teach: Mitchell Thompson

Taught by Ron & Mary Noble:

What If (Chadd II waltz)

Hey Soul Sister (Jestin III cha)

I'll Be Faithful To You (Noble IV slow two step)

Poema (Noble VI tango)

Taught by Susie & Gert-Jan Rotscheid:

Red, Red Robin (Rotscheid II two step)

Only You (Rotscheid III rumba)

Reál Paso Dos (Rotscheid IV paso doble)

Sentimental Journey (Rotscheid V foxtrot)


Taught by Mitchell Thompson: I Love To Watch A Woman Dance (Ahart III waltz)

4-5 November 2011

2011 Gala Program

Figure Clinics: Milo & Grace Ferry / Michael & Pat Schrant

Taught by Dick & Karen Fisher:

Peaches and Cream (Fisher II two step)
Sway (Parker III rumba)
Sam's New Pants (Finch IV foxtrot)
Remember When (Worlock V slow two step)

Taught by Randy & Marie Preskitt:

Until It's Time For You To Go (Preskitt II waltz)
I've Grown Accustomed to Your Face (Preskitt III cha)
Chewin' Gum (Moore IV quickstep)
Recuerdos De L'Alhambra (Preskitt VI waltz)

5-6 November 2010

2010 Gala Program

Figure Clinics: Karen & Dick Fisher / Peter & Chama Gomez

Taught by Michael & Regina Schmit:

Why Do Fools Fall in Love (Schmidt II two step)
Un Tango Del Cuore (Schmidt III tango)
Lost in the Darkness (Schmidt IV waltz)
Spanish Banderillero (Schmidt V paso doble)

Taught by George & Pam Hurd:

All the Stars in the Sky (Chadd II waltz)
And the Difference is You (Moore III rumba)
Pata Pata (Shibata IV cha)
Evening Star (Sandeman VI waltz)

Program Statistics (2005 - 2009)

6-7 November 2009

2009 Gala Program

Figure Clinics: Harold & Meredith Sears / Justin & Rose del Sol

Taught by Curt & Tammy Worlock:

Goody Goody (Aoyama II two step)
Chances (Lawrence III slow two step)
Me & My Sister (Read IV waltz)

Angelina (Worlock V cha)

Taught by Paul & Linda Robinson:

Country Boy (Robinson II two step)
Your Life (Robinson III foxtrot)
Gravity Storm (Fisher IV merengue)
Halfway to Heaven (Robinson V bolero)

7-8 November 2008

2008 Gala Program
Figure Clinics: Bill & Karen Holm / Ed & Elvira Glenn

Taught by Mark & Pam Prow:

Do You Want to Dance (Prow II two step)
Lady M (Prow III cha)
This Is Your Song (Prow IV hesistation-canter waltz)
Mustang Sally (Prow VI west coast swing)

Taught by Judy & Hank Scherrer:

The Lover's Waltz (Scherrer II waltz)
Billy Quickstep (Scherrer III quickstep)
Sign Your Name (Scherrer IV rumba)
Schoner Gigolo (Scherrer V tango/foxtrot)

2-3 November 2007

2007 Gala Program
Figure Clinics: Karen & Dick Fisher / Dennis & Judi Winze

Taught by Barbara & Wayne Blackford:

Dancin' Party (Francis II two step)
Hope (Chadd III waltz)
I Finally Found Somone (Fisher IV bolero)
Change of Seasons (Blackford VI waltz)

Taught by Adrienne & Larry Nelson:

Pas The Bananas (Scott II polka)
Stepping Out Quickstep (Nelson III quickstep/two step)
Ding Dong Mambo (Collipi IV mambo)
Irresponsible Me (Nelson V foxtrot)

3-4 November 2006

2006 Gala Program
Figure Clinics: Karen & Dick Fisher / Bill & Karen Holm

Taught by Ron & Ree Rumble:

The Ouah Ouah Song (Woodruff II two step)
I Can See Clearly Now (Rumble III rumba)
Starlight Waltz (Worlock IV waltz)
Stranger on the Shore (Read V+ slow two step)

Taught by Kristine & Bruce Nelson:

Just a Little Talk with Jesus (Hilton II two step)
Eskimo Tango (Molitoris III tango)
West Coast Swingin' (Nelson IV west coast swing)
Sin Excusas (Molitoris V bolero)

4-5 November 2005

2005 Gala Program - Statistics
Figure Clinics: Dennis & Judi Winze / Ed & Elvira Glenn

Taught by Randy & Marie Preskitt:

It's All In The Game (Healea II waltz)
Coronado Sunset (Oren III waltz)
Got A Brand New Bag (Lillefield IV jive)
Draggin' The Line (Preskitt V+ west coast swing)

Taught by Tim & Nana Eum:

Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (Clark II two step)
Besame Tango (Chico III tango)
Under The Sea (Kincaid IV samba/two step)
Good Lovin' (Fisher V salsa)

5-6 November 2004

2004 Gala Program

Figure Clinics: Paul & Linda Robinson / Chris & Terri Cantrell

Taught by Brent & Judy Moore:

Waltz Serenade (Tirrell II waltz)
Merengue Si (Barton III merengue)
Blue Wings (Moore IV waltz)
Tuxedo Tango (Moore VI tango)

Taught by Karen & Dick Fisher:

Hawaiian Twostep (Molitoris II two step)
No Matter What III (Fisher III rumba)
Honky Tonkin'...West Coast (Rotscheid IV west coast swing)
Tulane (Fisher V jive)


Gala Instructors Through the Years


Guest Instructors

CRDA Figure Clinician(s)


Frank & Carolyn Hamilton




Charles & Bettye Procter

Jerry & Midge Washburn



Forest & Kay Richards




Pete & Ann Peterson




Chick & Ieleen Stone




Ben & Vivian Highburger




Ann & Pete Peterman




Hal & Dot Chambers




Willie & Vonnie Stotler




Wayne & Norma Wylie




Frank & Phyl Lehnert




Irv & Betty Easterday




Charlie & Bettye Proctor




Jack & Darlene Chaffee




Eddie & Audrey Palmquist




Phil & Norma Roberts




Charlie & Madeline Lovelace




Harmon & Betty Jorritsma

Charlie & Betrye Proctor



Wayne & Norma Wylie

Ed & Sharon Campbell



Betty & Clancy Mueller

Hap & A. J. Wolcott



Richard & Jo Anne Lawson




Bob & Mary Ann Rother

Bill & Virginia Tracy



Bub & Cissle Drake

Bill & Helen Stairwalt



Dot & Pete Hickman




Harmon & Betty Jorritsma

Hap & A.J. Wolcott



Richard & Jo Anne Lawson




Phil & Becky Guenthner

George & Joyce Kammerer



Ed & Gloria Kilner




Derek & Jean Tonks

Wilson & Ann McCreary



Wayne & Barbara Blackford




Bill & Helen Stairwalt




Rod & Susan Anderson

Ralph & Joan Collipi



Richard & Jo Anne Lawson




Anne & Charles Brownrigg

Carmen & Mildred Smarrelli



Rod & Susan Anderson




Bill & Martha Buck

Ron & Mary Noble



Barbara & Jerry Pierce

Debby & Tim Vogt



Jack & Judy DeChenne

Mary & Pete McGee



Beryl & Peter Barton

George & Pam Hurd



Randy & Marie Preskitt

Curt & Tommy Worlock

Paul & Linda Robinson


Bill & Carol Goss

Tim & Debby Vogt

Paul & Linda Robinson


Jack & Judy DeChenne

Ron & Mary Noble

Paul & Linda Robinson


Kay & Joy Read

Alan & Carol Lillefield

Paul & Linda Robinson and Chris & Terri Cantrell


Brent & Judy Moore

Karen & Dick Fisher

Paul & Linda Robinson and Chris & Terri Cantrell


Randy & Marie Preskitt

Tim & Nana Eum

Dennis & Judi Winze and Ed & Elvira Glenn


Ron & Ree Rumble

Kristine & Bruce Nelson

Karen & Dick Fisher and Bill & Karen Holm


Barbara & Wayne Blackford

Adrienne & Larry Nelson

Karen & Dick Fisher and Dennis & Judi Winze


Mark & Pam Prow

Judy & Hank Scherrer

Ed & Elvira Glenn and Bill & Karen Holm


Curt & Tammy Worlock

Paul & Linda Robinson

Justin & Rose del Sol and Harold & Meredith Sears


Michael & Regina Schmidt

George & Pam Hurd

Karen & Dick Fisher and Peter & Chama Gomez


Karen & Dick Fisher

Randy & Marie Preskitt

Milo & Grace Ferry and Michael & Pat Schrant


Susie & Gert-Jan Rotscheid

Ron & Mary Noble

Peter & Chama Gomez and Bob & Sally Nolen


Kristine & Bruce Nelson

Judy & Hank Scherrer

Paul & Linda Robinson and Harold & Meredith Sears


Debby & Tim Vogt

Casey & Sharon Parker

Mitchell Thompson and Leisa & Mike Dawson


Steve & Lori Harris

Randy & Marie Preskitt

Becky & Dave Evans and Ed & Elvira Glenn


David Goss & Ulla Figwer

Mark & Pam Prow

Peter & Chama Gomez and John & Karen Herr


Karen & Ed Gloodt

Curt & Tammy Worlock

Doug & Leslie Dodge and Mitchell Thompson & Chelsea Falk


TJ & Bruce Chadd

Kristine & Bruce Nelson

Peter & Chama Gomez and John & Karen Herr


Bill & Carol Goss

Randy & Rose Wulf


Susie & Gert-Jan Rotscheid

Bob & Sally Nolen


Milo & Cinda Molitoris

Randy & Marie Preskitt



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