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Membership & CRDA Badge

Membership & Badge Application (PDF)
$18.00 per year per address due January 1st

(or if join later in the year: multiply $1.50/month left in the year)

$20.00 per year per address beginning March 1st



Magnetic Back: add $2.00/badge ($14 ea)



CRDA Membership Includes:
Round Notes Newsletter
Discounts to CRDA Dance Events
A chance to let your voice be heard & influence round dancing in Colorado.


Make Check Payable to: CRDA
Information: Ron Blewitt: 303-741-4961


CRDA was founded 7 May 1961 under the guidance of Jack & Darlene Chafee, Art & Hermina Slack, and the Kansas & Missouri Round Dance Associations with 68 charter members. On 27 May 1961 CRDA held its first organizational meeting. At this meeting, the By-Laws and the Constitution were approved, and the first members of the Board of Directors were selected. 20 June 1961 marked the first publication of the newsletter, and by then the membership had increased to 80 couples.


Since these first formative years, CRDA has enjoyed a continuing success. Many activities are sponsored by CRDA each year, including a November Gala weekend, a spring dance, a fall Harvest Moon dance, monthly fun dances throughout the year, the top-rated website, and our Round Notes newsletter.


CRDA is staffed by dancers and instructors who make contributions of their time, energy, knowledge, and skill. CRDA is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of 9 couples elected from the general membership.



CRDA Bylaws


Editor: Karen Herr


ROUND NOTES is a bimonthly newsletter sponsored by CRDA to help keep round dancers aware of local and national activities and to promote round dancing. A few of the featured articles include some of the following. The newsletter is INCLUDED in your CRDA membership, and it is a great way to stay in tune with what is being offered locally and nationally.

Advertising in Round Notes

Camera ready advertisements will be printed on a space available basis
Full Page: $25.00
Half Page: $15.00


The CRDA website began in 1989 as a Geocities site. It was moved to its own domain,, in 2000. The site has grown over the years to provide a wide variety of information, including: state-wide CRDA classes & clubs, CRDA Gala and other sponsored dances, CRDA Hall Of Fame listing, past Rounds of the Month & Classics of the Quarter, contact information, and links to definitions of Round Dancing, histories of dance, places to dance in the USA and around the world, resources on how to dance better, cue sheets, music, & dance shoes. Terri Cantrell originated, developed, and maintained the site from 1989 to 2013. Send your current updates and corrections to Harold Sears.


CRDA members receive a SUBSTANTIAL DISCOUNT at CRDA events.


CRDA sponsors a variety of special dance events each year: Fun Dances, Spring Beginner Graduation Dance, Fall Harvest Moon Phase II-IV, regional dance parties, and the Annual Round Dance Gala.


The Gala features an enjoyable weekend of teaches, clinics, and dancing, for ALL LEVELS of Round Dancer (phase II VI / beginner advanced). Nationally prominent guest instructors are hired, and local cuers/instructors lend their expertise. The Gala is held on the first Friday & Saturday in November.

Peachy Fun Dance 2014


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