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What is Round Dancing? -- Colorado Round Dance Association (CRDA)

Histories of Square Dancing

What Is Round Dancing -- from rounddancing.net

Square Dance History from DOSADO

A Brief History of Square & Round Dancing -- Herb Egender

Dance History from Streetswing

What Is Round Dance? -- Martin Prufer

An American Ballroom Companion - History of many types of dancing

What Is Round Dancing? -- John & Karen Herr

Square Dance Basics and Links from MJJ

History of Dance from CentralHome

Latin American music & dance history

DanceTime - history and instruction

History of Argentine Tango -- ToTANGO



Organizations & Newsletters

International Choreographed Ballroom Dancers Association (ICBDA): R/D dancer organization, annual dance & education convention, newsletter, Figure & Rhythm Technical Manual

Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing

ROUNDALAB: R/D teacher organization, ASCAP & BMI licensing, insurance, phase rating system, figure descriptions, yearly convention, newsletter. The mission of ROUNDALAB is to foster the art of round dancing by improving cueing skills and teacher excellence through education, standardization andcooperation with other dance organizations.

United States Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing -- USISTD

Dance -- Round Out Your Life, Instructors World-Wide, ROUNDALAB

National Dance Council of America, Inc. (NDCA)

CALLERLAB: S/D teacher organization, ASCAP & BMI licensing, insurance, yearly convention, newsletter

International Dance Teachers Association

Round-A-Rama Institute, Irv & Betty Easterday

USA Dance

National Square Dance Convention: Annual square, round, contra, and clogging convention held in United States

World Dance Sport Federation

USA West Square Dance Conventions: Yearly square, round, contra, and clogging convention held in western United States


United Square Dancers of America (USDA

Lloyd Shaw Foundation: Educational dance information & archives

Dixie Round Dance Council (DRDC): Newsletter, great source of dance festivals & club teaches from around the world. PDF

Colorado Friends of Old Time Music and Dance, Boulder, CO

Round Dance Teachers' Association of Southern California

Tango Colorado -- Argentine Tango

Florida Round Dance Council

Louisiana Round Dance Teachers Association

Oregon Round Dance Teachers Association

South Carolina Square & Round Dance Federation

Texas Round Dance Teachers Association

Washington Area Square Dancers Cooperative Association (WASCA)

Canadian Square and Round Dance Society (CSRDS)

European Caller's & Teacher's Association Council (ECTA)


ROUNDALABMember Instructors Worldwide

Western Square Dancing: Listing of Square Dance Callers & Round Dance Cuers

Round Dance events by ROUNDALAB

USDA Square Dance Links Around the World

ICBDA Carousel Clubs, Current Teaches by Location

Sapphire Swan Dance Directory: Includes many types of dancing

Round Dance Internet Directory (RDID): Damcer e-mail address & other great info by Roger Ward

Northeast Square Dancer Magazine

Round and Square Dance Clubs Worldwide from Mixed-Up: from lists or maps

Round Dance events by Mixed-Up

Round Dance events by DRDC

CEDER Caller & Cuer Database, Events & Places to Dance: around the world by Vic Ceder

You 2 Can Dance


Australian Round Dance Association

Queensland Round Dance Association

European Association of American Square Dancing Clubs


Canadian Square & Round Dance Society (CSRDS)

British Columbia Square & Round Dance Federation

Dance-Niagra, Dance Canada


Annette & Frank Woodruff


Round Dance Server: Cuesheets & More, Martin Prüfer

Klaus & Marion Voelkl

Michael & Regina Schmidt

Great Britain
British Association Of American Square Dance Clubs -- and Rounds

The Netherlands

Gert-Jan & Susie Rotscheid

Discussion Forums

Weavers Round Dance E-Mail Group: Subscribe Online  |  Weavers Member List

CRDA Facebook



Roundalab -- standard figure descriptions and much more, by subscription

Ballroom Dance Syllabus (International)

ROUNDALAB Dance Videos and Figure Manuals

Dance Rhythms & Figure Lists from James Marshall

ICBDA Technical Dance Manual: (formally known as URDC) Free to ICBDA / URDC Members or purchase on CD for $10 + S&H


Round Dance Figure Manual by Harold Sears -- figure descriptions in many rhythms and hundreds of dance articles

Much Ado About Ballroom Dancing: leading/following, selecting shoes, etiquette

Chris & Terri Cantrell Articles

Lead & Follow on the Dance Floor

Sandi & Dan Finch Articles

Ballerina Gallery -- body line, arm work

Barbara & Jim German Articles

Ballroom Dancers -- Glossary of Dance Terms

Susie & Gert-Jan Rotscheid Articles

Ballroom Dancers -- descriptions of steps and video clips

Articles on the Web by David Sanford

Ballroom Dancers -- dance articles

DanceCentral -- rhythms & figures

Dance Rhythms and Steps from Susan Foord

Official Tempi of Rhythms per NDCA

Books & Videos

ROUNDALAB Dance Videos and Figure Manuals

Ballroom Videos & Discussion

Worlock Private Lessons, Boot Camps, and Dance Videos

Dance Universe

Hurd Instructional Video Library

Dance Vision

Blackford Figure Tapes and round dance demonstrations


Round Dance Videos from Mixed Up

Central Home

Videos collected by Carlos & Nancy Esqueda

Dancescape.tv Dance Videos

Resources for Dancers by David Sanford

The National Dance Council of America (NDCA)

Dance videos from Glen & Helen Arceneaux (get password from webmaster)

Dance Sport International

Dance videos from Art & Jacquie (get password from webmaster)

Dance Sport UK

Round Dance Videos (thousands) are being collected by Gene Severance at his Photobucket site. Email Gene for the link and password.

Shawn Trautman, DVDs in all rhythms

DanceLovers -- Instructional Tapes

Go to YouTube and search for a rhythm

Casa Musica -- books, videos, and music

Old Dance Instruction Manuals, 1490 - 1920, from the LOC

A Book List By Aria

Cue Sheets

Cue Sheets from All Over  by Mark Brautigam -- best bet for finding cue sheets

Blackford, Wayne & Barbara

Roundalab Classic Cuesheets

Callen, Jerry & Bonnie

ROUNDALAB Classic Routines (head cues only)

Cantrell, Chris & Terri (+audio clips & video links)


Chico, Jim & Adele

RDID Cue Sheets on the Web (Other RDID Items Roger Ward)

Clements, Paul & Ann

Cue Sheet Collection collected by Milo Molitoris

Cunningham, Des & Ruth

Cue Sheets collected by Pam & George Hurd

Davis, Ken & Sue

St. Louis Round Dance Council

DeChenne, Jack & Judy

Cue Sheet Server collected by Martin Pruefer

Esqueda, Carlos & Nancy

Rhythm Rounds Cuesheets, Jim & Adele Chico

Finch, Dan & Sandi

Progressive Teaching Units by Chris & Terri Cantrell

Garza, Rey & Sherry

European Callers & Teachers Association (ECTA

Gloodt, Ed & Karen

Cue Sheets collected by Klaus Voelkl

Hamilton, Betty

Missouri Round Dance Association

Harris, Steve & Lori

Archive from Bob & Robin Young

Herr, John & Karen

Hurd, George & Pam

Square Dance Cue/Call Sheets collected by Vic Cedar -- Singing Calls, Patters, Rounds, Contra, Lines, Sing-Alongs, Mixers

Kincaid, Peg & John

Routines from National Clogging Organization; ClogDancing.com; River Boat

Knight, Roy & Marcia (+audio clips)

Dance-N-Time Line, Clogging, & Tap Dance Instruction

Lamberty, Richard

Line Dancing from Cowboy Culture; Kickit; Line-Links

Matthews, Richard & Frances

Molitoris, Milo

Parker, Sharon & Casey

Prow, Mark & Pam

Ross, Bill & Maxine (cue sheets are under each rhythm)

Rotscheid, Gert-Jan & Susie

Schmidt, Michael & Regina

Scherrer, Hank & Judy

Shibata, Kenji & Nobuko

Speranzo, Tony

Trankel, Mary & Gilder, Don (+audio clips)

Tucker, Jim & Carol

Woodruff, Annette & Frank

Worlock, Curt & Tammy

Young, Bob & Robin


Amazon mp3 downloads

Harry Fox Agency, Inc., licensing

Ballroom Dance Music: Sort by Rhythm, Album, Artist, Record Label, Distributors

American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP), preforming rights

Barnes & Noble Music Store

Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), licensing

Casa Musica

Dance Universe: Great prices on Ballroom CDs, also has clothing, shoes, videso, accessories . . .

Audio Equipment

Dance Vision: Videos, Books, Music, Clothing, Camps . . .

Guitar Center

FastHits: tons of 45s

Hilton Audio

Hanhurst's on Dosado -- Palomino's old list -- lots of classic vinyl

J & R Music: great source for minidiscs & other sound equipment

Itunes: music downloads

Sennheiser Microphones: wired & wireless

Nippon Columbi CO, LTD (Japanese site)



Rhapsody: music downloads

DanceMaster from Clark & Sandy Godfrey, software to organize your cue sheets, play & cue music from your laptop computer

Roper Records

Stock Music Site

Taragon Records

WRD Worldwide Music Ltd


Selecting Dance Shoes by Darrah Chavey

Dance Universe, shoes & apparel

Much Ado Listing, click on #4 in navigation bar

Petticoat Junction

Capezio, Freed, Glide, PortDance, Showtime, Supadance 

Denver Fabrics, for dance apparel


The Badge Hut

Oh, My Aching Feet by Finch (PDF)

Rhinestone Dance & Music Pins

The Healthy Side of Round Dancing by Sears

Caring for Your Introvert by Rauch (PDF)


The Web CRDA


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