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CRDA Dance Request Form


Please enter your name & email address in the boxes below.
Your votes cannot be counted unless you provide at least your name and choose an event.


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This form can be used to help program any CRDA event. Please choose the appropriate event below. Your requests will go to the programmer or cuers of that event. *

Gala (II-VI)

Harvest Moon (III-V)

Spring Celebration (II-IV)

Next Fun Dance (II-V), or specify: January February March May July August October

Special Dance


If you are voting for the Gala, please select the hall where you expect to do more of your evening dancing. Then go to the vote list below and select your favorite dances at the phase levels where you expect to dance.

Upper Hall (IV-VI)
Intermediate Hall (III-V)
Lower Hall (II-III)


Many volunteers are needed at the Gala, please indicate if you are willing to help with any or all of the following.

Asst Chair
Host Couple
Registration at Door -- sign up here
MC for a teach


Cuers, please check the Gala Halls you are willing to cue in.

Cue - Upper Hall
Cue - Intermediate Hall
Cue - Lower Hall



Please vote once per dancer. Pick favorite dances, those you're really enjoying right now, and those you like but haven't had enough chances to dance lately. At the bottom of this form is a box where you can list dances that we haven't listed.
There is a discrete limit on how many dances we can program in two evenings, so we don't want you to check off all the dances whose names you recognize. Really try to check off the dances you most want to dance, and limit your votes to a total of 40. As we tally your votes, we will accept only 40 per dancer. If you vote for more, we will randomly wander through your list and count from throughout the alphabet and from all phase levels.
Online ballots received without a name filled in above will be rejected.
Those including an email address above will receive confirmation back, but you do not need to have an email address to participate in the on-line voting.
You may not be able to submit this form from most *.edu and *.gov email addresses.



Note Cuers, please check which routines you'd like to cue, in addition to those you want to dance. If you provided a list last year, we have that, and you need only check new dances you have since added to your repertoire.



Rhythm Abbreviations: AT, Argentine Tango; BL, Bolero; CH, Cha; FT, Foxtrot; HCW, Hesitation Canter Waltz; HU, Hustle; JV, Jive; LN, Lindy; MB, Mambo; MR, Merengue; MX, Mixed Rhythm; OS, One Step; PD, Paso Doble; QS, Quickstep; RB, Rumba; SA, Salsa; SB, Samba; STS, Slow Two Step; SS, Single Swing; TG, Tango; TS, Two Step; VW, Viennese Waltz; WCS, West Coast Swing; WZ, Waltz


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Phase II 
dance cue?  
A Fool Such As I (Griffin 2 TS)
A Million Tomorrows (Wonson 2 WZ)
All Night (Jaeb 2 WZ)
All Shook Up (Becker 2 TS)
All That Jazz (Seurer 2 TS)
All That Jazz Two (Springer 2 TS)
All The Stars in the Sky (Chadd 2 WZ)
Anna Marie (Paull 2 WZ)
Baby O'Mine (Fiyalko 2 TS)
Barefootin' (Parker 2 TS)
Baby Likes to Rock It (Scott 2 TS)
Ben (Ross 2 WZ)
Beware My Foolish Heart (Heiny 2 WZ)
Billy Bayou (Shibata 2 TS)
Bimbombey (Molitoris 2 TS)
Birth Of the Blues (Parrott 2 TS)
Blessed Time Up There (Knight 2 TS)
Blue Heaven Whistler (Croft/de Zordo 2 TS)
Blue Lonesome Waltz (Benthal 2 WZ)
Blue Magic (Woodruff 2 TS)
Buckaroo (Koozer 2 TS)
Buffy (Metzger 2 TS)
Buicks to the Moon (Hintz 2 TS)
By the Phone (Baldwin 2 WZ)
Cab Driver (Hallman 2 TS)
Cab Driver (Hallman 2 TS)
Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy (Tracy 2 TS)
Cincinnati Rag (Schappacher 2 TS)
Come Dance With Me (Parker 2 TS)
Could I Have This Dance (Eddins 2 WZ)
Crazy Cajun Stomp (Helms 2 TS)
Dance With Me Henry (Knight, N&J 2 TS)
Do You Wanna Dance (Healea 2 TS)
Do You Wanna Dance (Prow 2 TS)
Dungaree Doll (Herr 2 TS)
Edelweiss (Kullman 2 WZ)
El Lobo (Woolcock 2 WZ)
Everyday (Bitter 2 TS)
Except For Monday (Healea 2 TS)
Faded Love (Rotruck 2 TS)
Far Banks of the Jordon (Woolcock 2 TS)
Feelin' (Barbee 2 WZ)
Feliz Navidad (Tracey 2 TS)
Fiddlestepper Polka (Brown 2 TS)
Fireman Two Step (Eddins 2 TS)
Fishin' In the Dark (Raybuck 2 TS)
Four Walls (Croft/deZordo 2 WZ)
Free To Be … You and Me (Scherrer 2 TS)
Funny Face (Sanders 2 WZ)
Good Luck Charm (Glenn 2 TS)
Good Ol' Girls (Eddins 2 TS)
Goodnight Irene (Helea 2 WZ)
Goodnight My Someone (Gomez 2 WZ)
Green Door (Proctor 2 OS/JV)
Half A Heart (Dodge 2 TS)
Halley Came To Jackson (Koozer 2 TS)
Hello Mary Lou Two Step (Sakaguchi 2 TS)
Hey Hey Hey (Herr 2 TS)
Hi Lili Hi Lo (Bartlette 2 WZ)
Hold Me (Eddins 2 TS)
Hole in My Pocket (Fisher 2 TS)
Hole in My Pocket (Wilhoit 2 TS)
Honey I'm Home (Kline 2 TS)
Hot Lips (Highburger 2 TS)
Houston (Smith 2 TS)
How I Love Them Old Songs (Beck 2 TS)
Hush (Croft/deZordo 2 TS)
I Could Have Danced All Night (Herr 2 WZ)
I Don't Do Floors (Callahan 2 TS)
I Need You To Turn To (Gomez 2 WZ)
I Saw Linda Yesterday (Cooley 2 TS)
I'm Just Lucky I Guess (Healea 2 TS)
If the Devil Danced (Wilhoit 2 TS)
In the Mood (Parker 2 TS)
Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (Clark 2 TS)
It's A Little Too Late (Nelson 2 TS)
It's All In the Game (Healea 2 WZ)
It's De Lovely (Ackerman 2 TS)
Jacalyn's Waltz (Wilhoit 2 WZ)
Java (Sanders 2 TS)
Java (Trankel/Guilder 2 TS)
Just A Little Talk With Jesus (Hilton 2 TS)
King of the Road (MacDougall/Cohen 2 TS)
Kon Tiki (Glazier 2 TS)
Last Cheater's Waltz (Eddins 2 WZ)
Last Waltz Of the Evening (Murphy 2 WZ)
Let's Talk About You (von der Heide 2 TS)
Light Up My Life (Cunningham 2 WZ)
Little White Moon (Wilder 2 TS)
Lollipop (Hager 2 TS)
Louisiana Saturday Night (Tracey 2 TS)
Love Is Like A Butterfly (Herr 2 TS)
Madeleine (Maguire 2 WZ)
Lucky Devil (Brown/Cooley 2 TS)
Lucky Lips (Koozer 2 TS)
Madeleine II (Harris 2 WZ)
Manuela II (Sobala 2 WZ)
Maple Leaf Rag (Kern 2 TS/OS)
Meet Me In Montana (Dodge 2 TS)
Mexicali Rose (Stapelton 2 WZ)
Mi Casa Su Casa (Brown 2 WZ)
Midnight In Moscow (Scott 2 TS)
Mira River Waltz (Taylor 2 WZ)
Miss Frenchy Brown (Tetzlaff 2 TS)
Mission Bell Waltz (Metzger 2 WZ)
Monterey Waltz (Barnes 2 WZ)
Moonlight and You (Wolff 2 WZ)
More Where That Came From (Baldwin 2 TS)
My Automobile (Molitoris 2 TS)
My Piano Cabaret (Heiny 2 TS)
Naughty Lady (Hurst 2 TS)
Neon Rainbow (Krueger 2 TS)
Nickajack (Scherrer 2 TS)
Nobody But Us Chickens (Herr 2 TS)
Not Tonight, I've Got A Heartache (Woodruff 2 WZ)
Numero Cinco (Rumble 2 TS)
Oh You Kid (Varelli/Brownrigg 2 TS)
One (Yakimowski 2 TS)
Pas the Bananas (Scott 2 TS polka)
Peaches and Cream (Fisher 2 TS)
Pearly Shells (Latta 2 TS)
Piano Roll Waltz (Green 2 WZ)
Pink Shoelaces (Reid 2 TS)
Play A Simple Melody (Watanabe 2 TS)
Poor Little Fool (Little 2 TS)
Red, Red Robin (Rotscheid 2 TS)
Reminiscing Waltz (Dean 2 WZ)
Return To the Grand Hotel (Powell/Brosie 2 WZ)
Ridin' the Hi-Line (Dodge 2 WZ)
Rockin 2 Step (Warner 2 TS)
Rooney (Woolcock 2 TS)
Rose of Tralee II (Glenn 2 WZ)
Roses For Elizabeth (Bliss 2 TS)
Ruby 06 (Kennedy 2 TS)
Run For the Roses (Boyd 2 WZ)
Salty Dog Rag (Lawson 2 TS)
Sam II (Baldwin 2 WZ)
Sam's Song (Kammerer 2 TS)
Sarah's Song (Dodge 2 WZ)
Saturday Night At the Movie (Callen 2 TS)
Sayonara No Natsu (Yamashita 2 WZ)
Seven Little Girls (Meyer 2 TS)
Seven Little Girls Sitting In the Back Seat (Buckmaster/Reigel 2 TS)
Sh-Boom (Parker 2 TS)
So Good In Love (Glenn 2 WZ)
So What's New (Wolff 2 TS)
Sous Les Ponts De Paris (Gomez/Lee 2 WZ)
Spaghetti Rag (Gniewek 2 TS)
Spinning Wheel II (Grossman 2 WZ)
Spinning Wheel Waltz (Juhala 2 WZ)
St Louis Blues (Mueller 2 TS)
Streetfair (Merola 2 TS/Polka)
Sweet Petite (Seurer 2 TS)
Swissy Missy (Koozer 2 TS)
Sweet Sweet Smile (Cochrane 2 TS)
Take My Hand Precious Lord (Scherrer 2 WZ)
Taw Pins (Seurer 2 WZ)
Tequila II (Dunn 2 TS)
Tender Waltz (Trankel/Gilder 2 WZ)
That Jazz (Seurer 2 TS)
The Bolero Waltz (Pilachowski-DeLauter 2 WZ)
The Lonely Goatherd (Chauvin 2 TS)
The Party Is Over (Chadd 2 WZ)
The Poet & I (Brown 2 WZ)
Things (Healea 2 TS)
Tic Toc Twostep (Craig 2 TS)
Till I Kissed Ya (Tevlin 2 TS)
Tips of My Fingers (Palmquist 2 WZ)
Trashy Women (Raye 2 TS)
Trickle Trickle (Parker 2 TS)
Try To Remember (Paull 2 WZ)
Turn Your Radio On (Baldwin 2 TS)
Twistin' the Night Away (Helms 2 TS)
Until It's Time For You To Go (Preskitt 2 WZ)
Very Smooth (Wiese 2 TS)
Waltz Across Texas (Krueger 2 WZ)
Waltz Across Texas (Peavey 2 WZ)
West Texas Waltz (Riggs 2 WZ)
What If (Chadd 2 TS)
Whey Marie (Metzger 2 WZ)
Why Don't We Just Dance (Wood 2 TS)
Y'all Come Back Saloon (Johnson 2 TS)
You Light Up My Life (Herr 2 WZ)
You Look So Good In Love (Tracy 2 WZ)
Yvonne Waltz (Sobala 2 WZ)
Phase III
dance cue?  
A Beautiful Time (Dollar/Gilbreath 3 TS/CH)
A Continental Goodnight (Murbach 3 TS/QS)
A Distancia (Ross 3 BL)
A Taste of the Wind (Eddins 3 TS/RB)
A Time For Love III (Rotscheid 3 WZ)
A Time For Waltz (Nelson 3 WZ)
A True True Love (Preskitt 3 WZ)
ABC Boogie (Gerdes 3 JV)
Adaline III (Kincaid 3 STS)
Adoro 3 (Imamura 3 RB)
Adorame (Moore 3 BL)
Alice Blue Gown (Utley 3 WZ)
All I Ask Of You (Drake 3 RB)
All I Ask Of You (McGee 3 RB)
Almost Jamaica (Juhala 3 CH)
And the Difference is You (Moore 3 RB)
Answer Me (Palmquist 3 WZ)
Any Dream Foxtrot (Pinks 3 FT)
Anything Goes With Foxtrot (Toth 3 FT)
Apres L'Etreinte - After the Lovin' (Dahl 3 TS/FT)
As She's Walking Away (Dodge 3 MX)
Ascot's Rumba (Kennedy 3 RB)
Au Revoir Paris (Chadd 3 WZ)
Autumn Leaves (Moss 3 MX)
Axel F (Mathewson 3 CH)
Baby You've Got What It Takes (Parker 3 JV)
Baby's Got Blue Jeans (Maguire 3 CH)
Bamboo Mambo (Ackerman 3 MB)
Basic Rumba (Runnels 3 RB)
Beach Party Cha (Williams 3 CH)
Beautiful Noise (Glenn 3 CH)
Begin the Beguine (Wolcott 3 FT/TS)
Berkley Square 3 (Baldwin 3 FT/JV 2002)
Black Horse and Cherry Tree Cha (Hattrick 3 CH)
Black Horse and the Cherry Tree (Buckmaster/Reigel 3 CH)
Blue Canadian Rockies (Woolcock 3 WZ)
Blue Shore Rumba (Maguire 3 RB)
Blue Side Of Lonesome (Griffen 3 WZ)
Blue Skies (Gomez 3 FT)
Butterfly (Proctor 3 TS/FT)
Can You Feel the Love Tonight (Seurer 3 RB)
Candida Rumba (Seurer 3 RB)
Carolina Moon (Rumble 3 WZ)
Chilly Cha (Brown 3 CH)
Come Dance With Me (Hoffman 3 FT)
Come Monday (Orme 3 RB)
Come Prima (Dodge 3 RB)
Copacabana Cha (Garza 3 CH)
Coronado Sunset (Oren 3 WZ)
Crazy Cajon Stomp (Francis 3 TS)
Crazy Cha (Dodge 3 CH)
Crazy Eyes (Eddins 3 TS/JV)
Cute Little Wiggle (Brownrigg 3 TS)
Dancing In the Fog (Cibula 3 WZ)
De Ja-Vu (Eddins 3 RB)
Desert Song (Leach 3 WZ)
Die Lorelei (Bendewald 3 WZ)
Dream A Little Dream (Pinks 3 FT)
Dream Awhile (Ellis 3 WZ)
Easy Come Easy Go (Wacker 3 RB)
El Lobo (Woolcock 2 WZ)
Esta Rumba (Barton 3 RB)
Estas En Mi Corazon (Woodruff 3 RB/CH)
Farewell Cha (Brownrigg 3 CH)
Feed the Birds (Buck 3 WZ)
Feed the Birds (Sanders 3 WZ)
First Flower (Nelson 3 WZ)
First Foxtrot (Clark 3 FT)
Folsom Prison Blues (Peterman 3 CH)
Ginny Come Bolero (Galbraith 3 BL)
Good Luck Charm Jive (Sperry 3 JV)
Good Bye Rumba (Glibert 3 RB)
Hallelujah (Reeder 3 FT/JV/TS)
Heart For Daddy (Prow 3 TG)
Hello Mary Lou (Scott 3 CH)
Here There and Everywhere (Bahr 3 RB)
Hey Baby (Baldwin 3 CH)
Hey Soul Sister (Jestin 3 CH)
Hide Nor Hair (Vogt 3 JV)
Hideaway Tango (Prow 3 TG)
Hitchhike (Norris 3 CH)
Hope (Chadd 3 WZ)
Hushabye (Silvia 3 WZ)
I Can See Clearly Now (Rumble 3 CH)
I Could Have Danced All Night (Gomez 3 CH)
I Do (Morrison 3 FT)
I Don’t Know (Shibata 3 CH)
I Love To Watch A Woman Dance (Ahart 3 WZ)
I Wanta Quickstep (Palmquist 3 QS)
I Will Love You (Preskitt 3 WZ)
I'll Be the One (Jabour 3 CH)
I'm Telling You Now (McKenrick 3 FT)
In It For the Love (Brown 3 JV)
Irish Washerwoman (Buckmaster/Reigel 3 CH)
Is You Is Or Is You Ain't (Clements 3 JV)
It Might As Well Be Spring (Hoffman 3 FT-JV)
It's All In the Movies (Nolen 3 RB)
It's So Easy (Rotscheid 3 CH)
I've Grown Accustomed To Your Face (Preskitt 3 CH)
Jean 3 (Buck 3 WZ)
Jesus Is Your Ticket (Scherrer 3 JV)
Juanita's Cantina (Harris 3 CH)
Just Another Woman In Love III (Nolen 3 RB)
Just Remember the Sunshine (Haworth 3 CH)
Just Talkin' (Baldwin 3 CH)
Kiss Me Quick (Gafford 3 CH/TS)
Kokomo (Filardo 3 CH)
La Playa Bolero (Glenn 3 BL)
La Vie En Rose (Molitoris 3 FT)
Last Night (Speranzo/D Slater 3 CH)
Let Me Love You Tonight (Parker 3 RB)
Lisbon Antigua (DeMaine 3 MX)
Little Cafe Rumba (Seurer 3 RB)
Little Deuce Coupe (Koozer 3 JV)
Love Is An Open Door (Knight 3 CH)
Love Potion #3 (Tonks/Herr 3 CH)
Lullaby For You (Parker 3 WZ)
Lullaby of Broadway (Paull 3 FT)
Mamma Mia (Ito 3 CH)
Manhattan (Tracy 3 FT)
Maria Elena Bolero (Palenchar 3 BL)
Maria Rumba (Dodge 3 RB)
May Each Day III (Hixson 3 WZ)
Me Gusta Merengue (Herr 3 MR)
Melody Of Love (Helm 3 MR)
Memory Rumba (Molitoris 3 RB)
Memphis Blues (Morrell 3 FT)
Moments Of Magic (Croft/de Zordo 3 CH)
Moon Over Naples (Brownyard 3 FT/TS)
More Than Ever (Baldwin 3 RB)
More Today Than Yesterday (Oren 3 JV)
Music Is My Woman (Parker 3 CH)
My Afrodizzyak (Harris 3 JV)
My Baby Just Cares For Me (Rotscheid 3 JV)
My Shy Violet (Hudson 3 FT)
My Wounded Heart (Ryder 3 BL)
Neon Moon (Goode 3 RB)
New York, New York (Cooper 3 TS)
Night Train (Lawson 3 JV)
No Matter What III (Fisher 3 RB)
Nobody's Sad On A Saturday Night (Oren 2 TS)
Non Dimenticar (Rumble 3 RB)
Oh Me Oh My (Maddeaux 2 TS)
Nothing On But The Radio (Krause 3 CH)
Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Dah (Rumble 3 CH)
Oh Oh (Seurer 2 TS)
On A Star (Seurer 3 CH)
One Moment (Seurer 3 RB 2003)
Over the Rainbow (Hichman 3 JV)
Papi (Ross 3 CH)
Patricia (Walkinshaw 3 TS)
Perfidia (Gomez/Lee 3 RB)
Please Answer Me (Nelson 3 CH)
Pop Goes the Movies (Raye 3 MX)
Pretty Blue Eyes (Meyer 3 RB)
Queen Of My Heart (Goss/Figwer 3 WZ)
Quiero Pecar En Ti (Gomez 3 RB)
Quietly Foxtrot (Tucker 3 FT)
Quizas III (Parker 3 MX)
Ramona (Shibata 3 WZ)
Roses for Elizabeth (Bliss 3 TS)
Rumba Of Love (Barton 3 RB)
San Francisco (Molitoris 3 FT)
Santa Catalina Jive (Stephenson 3 JV)
Sea of Heartbreak (Wilhoit 3 CH)
Secreto Amor (Bahr 3 RB)
Send Me the Pillow You Dream On (Floden 3 FT)
Sentimental Journey (McCord 3 FT)
Sh-Boom Jive (Glenn 3 JV/FT)
Sheik of Araby (Roberts 3 FT/TS)
Sherry (Filardo 3 CH)
Shut Up and Dance With Me (Byars 3 CH)
Silence (Parker 3 WZ)
Sitting On Top Of the World (Schmidt 3 QS)
Smile III (Aoyama 3 FT)
Smooth (Cavness 3 CH 2015)
Snowblossom (Rumble 3 WZ)
Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight (Collier 3 WZ)
South of Santa Fe Rumba (Koslosky 3 RB)
Spaghetti Rag (Gniewek 3 TS)
Stayin' Alive (Seurer 3 CH)
Summer Place (Buck 3 STS)
Sway (Parker 3 RB)
Sweet Like Cola (Hayami 3 CH)
Take It To the Limit (Chadd 2 WZ)
Take My Breath Away (Watanabe 3 RB)
Tango D' Ideas (Meisel 3 TG)
Tango Mannita (Smith 3 TG)
Temptation (Prow 3 TG)
That Happy Feeling (Tennet 3 TS)
The Big One (Koozer 3 JV)
Three AM (Moss 3 FT)
Till (Yamashita 3 RB)
Todo 3 (Rotscheid 3 CH)
Two Souls Rumba (Jabour 3 RB)
Un Tango Del Cuore (Schmidt 3 TG)
Uptown (Gloodt 3 JV)
Valentine Bolero (Donoughe 3 BL)
Waltzing Together (Ackerman 3 WZ)
Waltzing With You (Scherrer 2 WZ)
We're Gonna Rock Around the Clock (Barclift 2 TS)
When Can I Hold You Again (Nelson 3 WZ)
Why Don't We Just Dance (Townsend-Manning 3 JV)
Wind Beneath My Wings (Buck 3 RB)
Woodchopper's Ball (Lawson 3 MX)
Y Bailo (Chadd 3 CH)
Years From Now (Chadd 3 WZ)
Yellow Bird (Klein 3 RB)
You Raise Me Up III (Schmidt 3 STS)
Your Used To Be (Woodruff 3 QS/TS)
Phase IV 
dance cue?  
1+1 Mambo (Hilton 4 MB)
2000 Blues (Nelson 4 JV)
A Brief Romance (Rumble 4 WZ)
A Happy Man (Schrant 4 BL)
A Letter To You (Worlock 4 JV)
A Night for Dreaming (Gloodt 4 WZ)
A Prayer (Herr 4 WZ)
A Taste of Bolero (Rother 4 BL)
A Thousand Years (Armstrong 4 RB)
A Waltz in Heaven (Worlock 4 WZ)
Abraca-Cha (Nelson 4 CH)
Abundant Joy (Schmidt 4 STS)
Adagio IV (Lamberty 4 WZ)
Adios (Cullip/Norman 4 WZ)
Adrianna Bolero (Nelson, A&L 4 BL)
Alhambra (Halbert/Lamberty 4 WZ)
All About That Bass (Powell-Brosie 4 CH)
All His Children (Smelser 4 WZ)
All I Do Is Jive (Hurd 4 JV)
All Of Me (Goss 4 JV FT)
Almost Bolero (Collipi 4 BL)
Almost Like Being In Love (Preskitt 4 QS)
Am I Blue IV (Slater 4 FT)
Amame IV (Kincaid 4 RB)
Amigos Para Siempre (Neubert 4 RB)
And I Love Her (Garza 4 RB)
Anniversary Waltz (Szabo 4 WZ)
Any Dream Will Do (Folwell & Butcher 4 FT)
Asi Asi Mambo (Hichman 4 MB)
Autumn Leaves (Moss 4 MX)
Baby Please Come Home (Gloodt 4 JV)
Back In the USA (Gomez 4 JV)
Back Where I Belong (Read 4 FT)
Bahama Mama (Rumble 4 CH)
Bailamos (Ito 4 CH)
Bamboozled By You (Hurd 4 VW)
Banana Boat IV (Filardo 4 CH)
Be-Bop Baby Swing (Taylor 4 SS)
Beach of Solenzara (Prow 4 RB)
Bells Of Angelus (Molitoris 4 WZ)
Best Of My Love (Shibata 4 RB)
Biloxi Lady (Eddins 4 RB)
Black Satin (Gloodt 4 JV)
Black Tie Tango (Moore 4 TG)
Blue Bayou (Dollar 5 RB)
Blue Wings (Moore 4 WZ)
Bonnie Portmore (Lamberty 4 WZ)
Boogie Time (Gloodt 4 JV)
Breaking Up Jive (Croft/de Zordo 4 JV)
Buy Me A Rose (Read 4 RB)
Calendar Girl (Rotscheid 4 JV)
California Girls Jive (Seurer/Herr 4 JV)
Can't Smile (Martin 4 STS)
Carnival (Rumble 4 RB)
Cat Daddy (Blackford 4 JV)
Catch A Falling Star (Burkhardt 4 FT)
Cha Cha Frenesi (Slomcenski 4 CH)
Chaka Chaka (Phillips 4 CH/FT)
Cheek To Cheek (Chadd 4 FT)
Cherry Pink (Bahr 4 CH)
Cherry Pink (Gloodt 4 CH)
Chewin' Gum (Moore 4 QS)
Chihuahua IV (Scherrer 4 MB)
Close To You (Seurer 4 BL)
Colours Rumba (Spence 4 RB)
Come Along With Me IV (Read 4 WZ)
Company Store (Prow 4 FT)
Concierto De Aranjuez (Nolan 4 BL)
Coney Island IV (Gloodt 4 WZ)
Cuando Me Enamoro (Gloodt 4 RB)
Cuando Pienso En Ti (Harris 4 BL)
Dance With Me (Parker 4 TG)
Dance With the Devil (Pelton 4 CH)
Dancing at Washington Square (Robertson 4 MX)
Debajo De La Mesa (Herr 4 BL)
Dedication (Rumble 4 WZ)
Deep Purple (Paull 4 FT)
Desert Song (Leach 4 WZ)
Devil Cha (Herr 4 CH)
Ding Dong Mambo (Collipi 4 MB)
Domroschen Rumba (Maguire 4 RB)
Don't Cry (Ito 4 PD)
Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Palmquist 4 TG)
Don't Get Around Much (Parker 4 FT/JV)
Doolittle Cha (Goss 4 CH)
El Reloj (Trankel/Gilder 4 BL)
El Toro Paso (Palmquist 4 PD)
Entre Mis Recuerdos (Gloodt 4 BL)
Estuvieras Tu (Moore 4 RB)
Eucalyptus Forest (Garza 4 WZ)
Exactly Like You (Slater 4 FT)
Falling Into You (Moore 4 BL)
Fascination (Crapo 4 WZ)
Fascination Waltz (Moss 4 WZ)
Feathers (Renaud 4 STS)
Feelin' It (Kline 4 CH)
Feels So Right (Dodge 4 BL)
Fine Brown Frame (Hurd 4 JV)
Follow Me Cha (Scarlatella/Shanks 4 CH)
Four Walls (Buck 4 WZ)
Foxy Quickstep (Hoffman 4 QS)
Fur Elise (Rumble 4 WZ)
Gardenia Tango (Parker 4 TG)
Gateway Foxtrot (Loehr 4 FT)
Gazpacho Cha (Lawson 4 CH)
Get Happy (Armstrong 4 QS)
Getting To Know You (Baldwin 4 FT)
Girl Crush (Ahart 4 STS)
Go Away Little Girl (Loehr 4 FT)
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Woodruff 4 MX)
Gold Tango (Read 4 TG)
Good Rockin' Daddy (Scherrer 4 JV)
Goodnight Sweetheart (Harris 4 FT)
Got A Brand New Bag (Lillefield 4 JV)
Green Peppers (Rotscheid 4 MB)
Haunted Guitar (Moore 4 WZ)
Hawaiian Wedding Song (Doi 4 FT)
Helen (Yakimowski 4 CH)
Hello Memory (Shibata 4 WZ)
Hey Mambo (Cibula 4 MB)
Honky Tonkin' On the West Coast (Rotscheid 4 WCS)
Hooked On Swing (Windhorst 4 SS/TS)
Hopelessly Yours IV (Berka 4 WZ)
I Believe In Love (Schmidt 4 JV)
I Can't Go For That (Goss 4 CH)
I Feel Lucky (Gloodt 4 JV)
I Got A Girl (Preskitt 4 MB)
I Just Need Your Lovin' (Lawson 4 FT)
I Looked Back IV (Herr 4 CH)
I Love Beach Music (Raybuck 4 WCS/JV)
I See Love Jive (Bradt 4 JV)
I See the Light (Evans 4 STS)
I Want A Love That Will Last (Parker 4 BL)
I Wish You Love (Bahr 4 RB)
I Wish You Love Rumba (Preskitt 4 RB)
If I Could Bottle This Up (Shade 4 RB)
If I Don't Dance (Ferry 4 JV)
I'm Alive (Renauld 4 CH/FT)
If (Casper 4 STS)
In This Life IV (Gloodt 4 STS)
Intrigue (Robinson 4 WZ)
It Ain't Necessarily So (Cantrell 4 WCS)
It Makes No Difference (Preskitt 4 FT)
It Takes Two (Goss 4 STS)
It's Always New to Me (Goss/Figwer 4 FT)
Jambo Mambo (Easterday 4 MB)
Knock on Wood (Moore 4 WCS)
Konig Morgen (Moore 4 WZ)
La Puerta (Moore 4 BL)
Laurann (Preskitt 4 WZ)
Lazy Sugarfoot (Proctor 4 JV)
Legends Of The Fall (Gloodt 4 WZ)
Let Me Show You How (Slater 4 JV)
Lips Are Movin' (Hilton 4 CH)
Little Papillon (Schmidt 4 WZ)
Lost In the Darkness (Schmidt 4 WZ)
Love Is You Rumba (Young 4 RB)
Love Makes the World Go Round (McDowell 4 WZ)
Lovey Dovey (Blackford 4 WCS)
Make Love To Me WCS (Finch 4 WCS)
Mambo Istanbul (Collipi 4 MB)
Mambo Loco (Pilachowski 4 MB)
Manuela (Rumble 4 WZ)
Marianna Mambo (Goss/Figwer 4 MB)
Marilyn, Marilyn (Palmquist 4 WZ)
Masquerade (Parker 4 RB)
Me & My Sister (Read 4 WZ)
Mi Vida (Read 4 RB)
Mi Vida Sin Tu Amor (Gloodt 4 BL)
Midnight Man (Parker 4 JV)
Milica (Tikkanen 4 FT/TS)
Miss You In My Arms (Hilpert/Pohl 4 RB)
Molly Maguires Waltz (Lamberty 4 WZ)
Moon River (Rumble 4 WZ)
Moulin Rouge (Rumble 4 WZ)
Mountains of Mourne (Lamberty 4 WZ)
Move It Like This (Ferry 4 CH)
Moves Like Jagger (Kincaid 4 CH)
My Baby Just Cares For Me (Lamster 4 QS)
My Heart Will Go On (Vogt 4 BL)
My Kind of Girl (Kirsh 4 FT/JV)
My Man Cha (Zumwalt 4 CH)
My Pledge To You Bolero (Drake 4 BL)
Night and Day (Preskitt 4 FT)
Nite Lites (Moore 4 FT)
No Walls (Worlock 4 WZ)
Nocturne (Lamberty 4 WZ)
Oh What A Night (Gloodt 4 CH)
On & On (Shibata 4 RB)
Once Upon A December (Vogt 4 VW)
Once Upon A December (Dodge 4 WZ)
Only Love Bolero (Barton 4 BL)
Otra Noche (Clements 4 TG)
Out Of Africa (Shibata 4 WZ)
Paper Kisses Quickstep (Nelson 4 QS)
Para Esto (Roberts 4 RB/TS)
Pata Pata (Shibata 4 CH)
Patricia Quatro (Hichman 4 CH)
Pensando En Ti (Esqueda 4 FT)
Perhaps (Easterday 4 RB)
Play That Funky Music (Becker 4 CH)
Pretty Flowers (Evans 4 HCW)
Pretty Isle Cha (Balk 4 CH/JV/SB)
Rachel's Song (Stairwalt 4 STS)
Rainbow Connection (Childers 4 WZ)
Rainbow Foxtrot (Blackford 4 FT)
Real Paso Dos (Rotscheid 4 PD)
Reggae Cowboy (Bond 4 CH)
Rhythm Of the Night (Shotting 4 CH)
Ritzy Quickstep (Rother 4 QS)
River Lullaby (Lillefield 4 WZ)
Rockin Pneumonia (Nolen 4 WCS/JV)
Rose of Tralee (Glenn 4 WZ)
Rumba Del Corazon (Gloodt 4 RB)
Rumba Romantico (Moore 4 RB)
Saddle the Wind (Moore 4 WZ)
Safari Too (Moore 4 QS)
Sam's New Pants (Finch 4 FT)
Scarlet Ribbons (Hilton 4 WZ)
Scherezade IV (Gloodt 4 WZ)
Sedalia (Kenny 4 RB)
Send Her Roses (Palmquist 4 FT)
Senorita Tango (Rumble 4 TG)
September Foxtrot (Slotsve 4 FT)
She's Looking Good (Noble 4 WCS)
She's My Kind of Girl (Prow 4 FT)
She's Not You (Callen 4 FT)
Should I Do It (Read 4 JV)
Sicilienne (Shibata 4 WZ)
Skyfall (Race 4 RB)
Sleepsong (Davis 4 WZ)
Slow Boat Foxtrot (Chico 4 FT)
Solitude City (Gibson 4 FT)
Some Enchanted Evening (Doi 4 BL)
Someone Must Feel Like a Fool Tonight (Collier 4 WZ)
Something Stupid (Shibata 4 RB)
Somewhere In Time Foxtrot (Wacker 4 FT)
Spider-Man (Goss/Figwer 4 QS)
Spinning Wheel (Smith 4 WZ)
Spring (Rotscheid 4 WZ)
Stardust (Lawson 4 FT)
Starlight Waltz (Worlock 4 WZ)
Storms Never Last (Heiny 4 RB)
Stuck on You (Rumble 4 JV)
Sugar Sugar (Worlock 4 CH)
Sunny Side of the Street (Schappacher 4 FT/JV)
Sunset Rumba (Lawson 4 RB)
Sweet and Gentle (Armstrong 4 CH)
Sweet Home Chicago (Kincaid 4 WCS)
Tango Of the Roses IV (Nolen 4 TG)
Tango Reverie (Nelson,KB 4 TG)
Te Quiero (Worlock 4 BL)
Tears In Heaven (Shibata 4 RB)
Technicolor Dreams (Magnier/Prufer 4 FT)
The Best Of Me (Goss/Figwer 4 BL)
The Best You Can (Read 4 JV)
The Business of Love (Gomez 4 FT)
The Homecoming (Ward IV MX)
The More I See You (Gloodt 4 STS)
The Mountains of Mourne (Lamberty 4 WZ)
The Old House (Lamberty/Morales 4 WZ)
The Other Side (Gloodt 4 STS)
The Spinning Wheel (Smith 4 WZ)
The Sun, the Sea and the Sky (Bradt 4 WZ)
The Way We Ought To Be (Preskitt 4 FT)
This is the Life (Rumble 4 FT)
This is Your Song (Prow 4 HCW)
Tijuana Taxi (Prow 4 QS)
Til Tomorrow (Palmquist 4 WZ)
Too Many Rivers (Hooper 4 STS)
Top Hat Bar and Grill (Oren 4 JV)
Troublemaker (Simpson CH 4 CH)
Two for Tea (Goss 4 CH)
Un Petite Foxtrot (Tucker 4 CH)
Under the Board Walk (Woodruff 4 RB)
Under the Sea (Kincaid 4 SB/TS)
Under Paris Skies (Chadd 4 FT)
Until It's Time For Me To Go (Gloodt 4 WZ)
Usted (Hilpert/Pohl 4 BL)
Ven Conmigo (Davis 4 CH)
Venetian Serenade (Hurd 4 WZ)
Wasted Days and Wasted Nights (Bahr 4 WCS)
Watch Over Me Foxtrot (Goss 4 FT)
Watermark 4 (Brewer 4 WZ)
Wedding Planner (Garza 4 TG)
West Coast Swingin' (Nelson 4 WCS)
When You Smile (Davis 4 FT)
When You're in Love (Preskitt 4 CH)
Whistling Away the Dark (Hurd 4 WZ)
White Sport Coat (Lefeaver 4 FT)
Who I Am Inside (Worlock 4 RB)
Why Don'cha Do Right (Moore 4 FT)
Will You Dance With Me (Krause 4 STS)
Witchcraft IV (Slater 4 FT)
Woodchoppers Ball (Lawson 4 SS/QS/TS)
Years May Come (Rother 4 RB)
Yo Mama (Jabour 4 JV)
You Decorated My Life (Gloodt 4 BL)
You Left the Water Running (Read 4 JV)
You Light Up My Life (Prow 4 WZ)
You Make My Pants Want To Get Up and Dance (Hixson 4 JV)
You're The Top Cha (Childers 4 CH)
Your Man (Parker 4 CH)
Phase V 
dance cue?  
1+1 Is 2 (Worlock 5 MB)
11 Months & 29 Days (Wulf 5 WCS)
A Guy Is A Guy (Preskitt 5 JV)
A Letter To You (Worlock 5 JV)
A Simple Melody (Palmquist 5 FT/JV)
A Wink and A Smile (Rumble 5 FT)
Abrazame (Worlock 5 BL)
Afro Cubano (Noble 5 RB)
Agua de Mar (Goss/Figwer 5 BL)
Ain't Misbehavin' (Slater 5 FT)
Ain't That A Shame (Gloodt 5 JV)
All I Do (Molitoris 5 FT)
All That Jazz (Sechrist 5 FT)
Amor (Barton 5 CH)
Amparita Roca (Schmidt 5 PD)
An Affair To Remember (Slater 5 FT)
And I Love Her (Parker 5 RB)
And I Love You So (Childers 5 RB)
And That Reminds Me (Vogt 5 FT)
Angelina (Worlock 5 CH)
Annabelle (Raye 5 WZ)
Apassionata (Finch 5 WZ)
At Your Service (Nelson 5 QS)
Au Revoir (Fisher 5 FT)
Baby You've Got What It Takes (Francis 5 JV)
Banana Boat Cha (Anderson 5 CH)
Bandito Cha (Goss 5 CH)
Beale Street Blues (Lillefield 5 JV)
Beat of your Heart (Preskitt 5 STS)
Bells Of Angelus (Molitoris 5 WZ)
Berkeley Square (Goss 5 FT)
Besame Mucho (Rumble 5 RB)
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo (Chadd V FT)
Big, Blonde and Beautiful (Goss 5 WCS)
Billy-A-Dick (Worlock 5 QS)
Billie Jean (Wilaby 5 CH)
Blue Dance (Pelton 5 JV)
Blueberry Hill (Buck V WCS)
Bob Roberts Society Band (Hurd V WCS)
Body & Soul (Shibata 5 FT)
Boogie Bumper (Schmidt 5 QS)
Boogie With Me (Worlock 5 JV)
Bubbly (Armstrong 5 JV)
Burlesque (Garza 5 TG)
Caminito (Worlock 5 TG)
Can't Help It (Weiss 5 FT/JV)
Candle On the Water (Preskitt 5 WZ)
Candlelight (Goss 5 WZ)
Capone (Armstrong 5 FT)
Castles & Kings (Slater 5 WZ)
Cha Cha Torrero (Moore 5 CH)
Charade V (Kammerer 5 WZ 1992)
Circle In the Sand (Kenny 5 RB)
Come As You Are (Ferry 5 RB)
Coney Island (Shibata 5 WZ)
Cool Yule (Goss 5 JV)
Crazy (Slater 5 BL)
Cuando Me Cha (Preskitt 5 CH)
Cuban Pete Samba (Hurd 5 SB)
Cumparsita Argentina (Hurd 5 AT)
Cuore Tzigano (Hata V TG)
Daddy Foxtrot (Moore 5 FT)
Dance With Me (Ferry 5 CH)
Dancing in September (Rumble 5 CH)
Dancing in the Dark (Roberts 5 FT)
Danny Boy (Weiss 5 BL)
Doin' the West Coast Swing (Goss 5 WCS)
Dream A Lttle Dream of Me (Shibata 5 FT)
Eager Beaver (Moore 5 FT)
Easy Money (Goss/Figwer 5 WCS)
El Domingo Pasado (Noble V TG)
El Rey Tiburon (Ito 5 CH)
Eljana Tango (Lamberty 5 TG)
Encadenados (Goss 5 BL)
Erotica (Moore 5 RB)
Eso Beso (Shibata 5 SB)
Eso Es El Amor (Philson 5 MR CH SB)
Exactly Like You Foxtrot (Goss 5 FT)
Evergreen (Goss 5 STS)
Fiesta Tango (Palmquist 5 TG)
Fire Tango (Hurd 5 TG)
For the Good Times (Gloodt 5 BL)
Forever We'll Be In Love (Gloodt 5 WZ)
Forrest Gump (Moore 5 WZ)
Fortuosity (Rother 5 QS)
Foxtrot Tonight (Goss 5 FT)
French Poodle (Moore 5 FT)
From My Guy (Goss 5 FT)
Gold Tango (Read 5 TG)
Goodnight Sweetheart (Hilton 5 FT)
Hakuna Matata (Read 5 MB)
Hang On Little Tomato (Harris 5 FT)
Haunted Guitar 5 (Sheridan 5 WZ)
Have You Ever (Prow 5 HCW)
Hawaiian Wedding Song (Lovelace 5 FT/TS)
He's a Tramp (Preskitt 5 FT)
Heureka (Schmidt 5 PD)
Hit Me With A Hot Note (Goss 5 WCS)
Hola Amor (Goss/Figwer 5 BL)
Hola Chica (Worlock 5 CH)
Home (Goss 5 STS)
Honey On the Vine (Read 5 FT)
Hound Dog Jive (Read 5 JV)
How Lucky Can One Guy Be (Preskitt 5 JV)
Hurricane (Ito 5 TG)
I Am Just A Girl (Worlock 5 FT)
I Believe in You (Read 5 WZ)
I Belong To You (Dodge and Roderer 5 RB FT)
I Do, I Do, I Do (Blackford 5 FT)
I Like to Lead When I Dance (Vogt 5 FT)
I Love the Nightlife (D'Aloiso 5 JV)
"I Take It Back (Ito 5 CH)
I've Got My Eyes On You (Blackford 5 BL)
I've Got You Under My Skin (Goss 5 FT)
If Tomorrow Never Comes (Rumble 5 RB)
Il Meglio Della Vita (Wulf 5 WZ)
Illusion (Sheridan 5 WZ)
Isn't It Romantic (Cantrell/del Sol 5 FT)
It Don't Mean A Thing (Rumble 5 QS)
It Only Hurts Me When I Cry (Bradley 5 JV/FT)
It Only Took A Kiss (Weiss 5 FT/JV)
J' Attendrai (Grahm 5 FT)
Jack is Back (Worlock 5 MB)
Java Jive (Childers 5 WCS)
Jean (Lamberty 5 WZ)
Jurame (Worlock 5 RB)
Just a Tango (Childers 5 TG)
Kansas City (Rumble 5 JV)
Kiss On My List (Preskitt 5 CH)
L'Appuntamento (Chadd 5 RB)
La Barca (Goss 5 BL)
La Gatta (Howell-Farquhar 5 FT)
La Pura (Goss 5 CH)
Ladyhawk (Armstrong 5 WZ)
Last Night Cha (Worlock 5 CH)
Last Teardrop (Bahr 5 WCS)
Later Alligator (Rumble 5 JV)
Latika's Theme (Nolen 5 RB)
Latin Love Story (Hurd 5 RB)
Let Me Show You How (Slater 5 JV)
Let's Fall in Love (Noble 5 FT)
Lido Shuffle (Prow 5 JV)
Liebertango (Lamberty/Frias 5 TG)
Liebestraum No. 3 (Shibata 5 WZ)
Long Before Your Time (Otto 5 STS)
Look at Me I'm Sandra Dee (Goss 5 VW)
Los Rayos del Sol (Moore 5 RB)
Lost To Me (Shibata 5 RB)
Love Changes Everything (Pierce 5 BL)
Love Grows (Worlock 5 CH)
Love In Portofino (Goss 5 RB)
Love Potion #9 (Anderson 5 CH)
Lovely Lady (Palmquist 5 WZ)
Love the Tango (Goss/Figwer 5 TG)
Lovely Lady (Palmquist 5 WZ)
Maddest Kind of Love (Herr 5 FT)
Makin' Whopee Cha (Bahr 5 CH)
Maria Elena (Ward 5 FT)
Marshmellow World (Gomez/Lee 5 FT)
Mint Julep (Rother 5 WCS)
Money Foxtrot (Preskitt 5 FT)
Moonlight Fantasy (Nelson 5 FT)
Muchas Gracias (Ito 5 PD)
My Angel (Malaika) (Rotscheid 5 STS)
My Baby Just Cares For Me (Goss 5 FT)
Neville's Waltz (Eum/Hadley 5 WZ)
New Fever Waltz (Davis 5 WZ)
Niagara (Ito 5 WZ)
No Name Samba (Barton 5 SB)
Noche De Amor (Goss 5 TG)
Nueve De Julio (Doi 5 TG)
Oh Charlie (Bahr 5 QS)
One Call Away (Goss 5 RB)
Open Arms (Vogt 5 WZ)
Orient Express Foxtrot (Moore 5 FT)
Our Shadow Tango (Barton 5 TG)
Over and Over (Goss 5 FT)
PA 6-5000 (Glover 5 FT)
Para Esto (Roberts 5 RB)
Parisian Parade (Moore 5 WZ)
Paso Cadiz (Goss 5 PD)
Penny Arcade (Rogers 5 FT/JV)
Penny For Your Thoughts (Slater 5 FT)
Perfidia Foxtrot (Slater 5 FT)
Perfidia In Brazil (Hurd 5 RB)
Pink Cadillac (Lawson 5 JV)
Pink Panther (Gray 5 FT)
Plasier d'Amour (Clements 5 WZ)
Pontoon West Coast (Ayres 5 WCS)
Por Una Cabeza (Finch 5 TG)
Put Your Records On (Nolen 5 WCS)
Quiero Pecar En Ti (Gomez 5 RB)
Rabbit Tango (Davis 5 TG)
Rainbows Are Back In Style (Blackford 5 FT)
Rama Lama Ding Dong (Worlock 5 JV)
Really Really Mine (Bahr 5 FT)
Red Petticoats (Shibata 5 TG)
Red Roses for a Blue Lady (Shibata 5 FT)
Remember When (Worlock 5 STS)
Rhythm Of Love (Goss 5 QS)
Right Here Waiting for You (Preskitt 5 RB)
Riviere De Lune (Palmquist 5 WZ)
Saboteur WCS (Molitoris 5 WCS)
Sahara (Sechrist 5 WZ)
Sailing By (Woodruff/Dierickx 5 WZ)
Samba De Ooh La La (Shibata 5 SB)
Saturday Night Lindy (Bahr 5 LN)
Sentimental Journey (Rotscheid 5 FT/JV)
Serenade 5 (Heath 5 WZ)
Serenantella (Shibata 5 TG)
Shall We Dance (Goss 5 QS)
Si Manana Tu No Estas (Gloodt 5 RB)
Silence Of the World (Moore 5 WZ)
Sinti (Slater 5 RB)
Sleeping Beauty (Moore 5 BL)
Slow Down Boogie (Webb 5 JV)
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Beck 5 STS)
Snap Your Fingers (Gloodt 5 WCS)
Snow (Ito 5 WZ)
Sombras (Blackford 5 TG)
Something Better To Do (Armstrong 5 FT)
Somos (Moore 5 RB)
Song Of the Beach (Dierickx 5 WZ)
Spanish Banderillero (Schmidt 5 PD)
Sprint (Shibata 5 WZ)
St Michel's Quickstep (Casey 5 QS)
Stairway to Paradise (Read 5 FT)
Starlight Express (Goss 5 RB)
Steppin' Out (Blackford 5 FT)
Stier Tango (Worlock 5 TG)
Sugar Blues (Bahr 5 lindy)
Sugarfoot Stomp (Easterday 5 JV)
Sunflower (Tonks 5 JV)
Sunset Bolero (Worlock 5 BL)
Superman (Byrd 5 RB)
Sweet Ida (Palmquist 5 FT)
Swing Lover (Gloodt 5 WCS)
Take A Bow (Robinson 5 RB)
Tampa Jive (Macuci 5 JV)
Tango Around the World (Preskitt 5 TG)
Tango Capriccioso (Ward 5 TG)
That Man (Worlock 5 QS)
That Old Piano (Crapo 5 WCS)
The Bard (Lamberty 5 WZ)
The Best Things Happen When You're Dancing (Bradt 5 FT)
The Human Thing To Do (Sheridan 5 FT)
The Last Blues Song (Scherrer 5 FT)
The Shadow of Your Smile (Gomez 5 RB)
The Singing Piano Waltz (Marx 5 WZ)
The Sun, the Sea & the Sky (Bradt 5 WZ)
The Teddy Bear Tango (Naylor 5 TG)
The Thornbirds (Shibata 5 WZ)
Theme from Shrek (Worlock 5 WZ)
Theme in my Head (Woodruff 5 WZ)
To All The Girls (Goss/Kiehm 5 BL)
Tonight (Shibata 5 WZ)
Tormento Tango (Goss 5 TG)
Tu Me (Preskitt 5 RB)
Under the Boardwalk (Williams 5 WCS)
Uno Paso Mas (Bahr 5 PD)
Uptown (Francis 5 JV)
Uptown Funk (Gibson 5 CH)
Verano (Hurd 5 AT)
Waltz Tramonte (Britton 5 WZ)
Warm & Willing (Slotsve/Childers 5 FT)
We Will Dance (Evans 5 STS)
Wendy (Slater 5 WZ)
Wounded Heart (Worlock 5 BL)
Wyoming Lullaby (Palmquist 5 WZ)
You Do Something To Me (Fisher 5 QS)
You Make Me Feel So Young (Krol 5 FT)
You Needed Me (Worlock 5 STS)
Younger Than Springtime (Nelson 5 FT)
Phase VI 
dance cue?  
A Daisy in December (Hurd 6 WZ)
A Moment Lost (Shibata 6 WZ)
Adagio (Worlock 6 WZ)
Adeline (Shibata 6 STS)
All I Ask of You (Rumble 6 STS)
All Kinds of Everything (Vogt 6 WZ)
All To Myself (Bahr 6 FT)
Am I Blue (Lamberty 6 FT)
Another Love Like Mine (Vogt 6 BL)
Anytime, Anywhere (Moore 6 WZ)
Anticipation (Goss 6 WZ)
Appalachian Lullabye (Worlock 6 WZ)
Are You Still Mine (Kiehm/Goss 6 STS)
At This Moment (Goss/Figwer 6 WZ)
Au Revoir Paris (Preskitt 6 WZ)
Autumn Leaves Tango (Preskitt 6 TG)
Autumn Nocturne (Palmquist 6 WZ)
Beautiful Maria (Moore 6 RB)
Because I'm Accustomed to You (Goss 6 BL)
Begin To Color Me (Read 6 WZ)
Beyond (Shibata 6 RB)
Big Spender (Vogt 6 FT)
Black Horse (Worlock 6 WCS)
Black Velvet West (Childers 6 WCS)
Blown Away (Worlock 6 WZ)
Boulavogue (Lamberty 6 WZ)
Broken Hearts (Bahr 6 FT)
Butterfly Waltz (Goss 6 WZ)
Bye Bye Blues (Palmquist 6 FT)
California Dreamin' (Goss 6 RB)
Call Me (Prow 6 FT)
Call Me Irresponsible (Rumble 6 FT)
Carolina Moon VI (Rumble 6 WZ)
Cavatina (Barton 6 WZ)
Cavatina (Ito 6 RB)
Cell Block Tango (Worlock 6 TG)
Chalita (Goss 6 TG)
Chardonnay (Easterday 6 WZ)
Close Every Door (Goss 6 WZ)
Coco Beach (Prow 6 FTCoco Beach (Prow 6 FT))
Come Away With Me (Goss 6 WZ)
Come Dance With Me (Finch 6 CH)
Come Dance With Me (Shibata 6 CH)
Conquest Of Heaven (Hurd 6 WZ)
Dance The Night Away (Worlock 6 AT/CH)
Dancing Socks (Broadwater 6 WZ)
Dark Waltz (Vogt 6 WZ)
Ecstasy (Read 6 TG)
El Conquistador (Goss 6 PD)
El Pico (Worlock 6 PD)
Encadenados (Goss 6 BL)
Evening Star (Sandeman 6 WZ)
Ex's & Oh's (Worlock 6 JV)
Fascinating Rhythm (Vogt 6 FT)
Feel My Love (Worlock 6 BL)
Fenestra (Moore 6 TG)
Fiesta Madrilena (Hurd 6 PD)
Fortuosity (Rother 6 QS)
Harlem Nocturne (Sandeman 6 RB)
Hope (Lamberty 6 WZ)
I'm Gonna Getcha Good (Shibata 6 CH)
I'm Still Me (Read 6 WZ)
In This Life (Worlock 6 STS)
Infiltrado (Cantrell 6 TG))
Just Another Woman In Love (Anderson 6 RB)
Just Smile (Worlock 6 WZ)
Kiss Me Goodbye (Tullus 6 FT)
Kiss Me Goodbye Rumba (Lawson 6 RB)
La Distancia (Moore 6 BL)
La Gloria (Moore 6 BL)
La Plaza (Hurd 6 PD)
Laura (Slater 6 FT)
Lazy Crazy Days (Vogt 6 QS)
Libertango (Lamberty 6 TG)
London by Night (Goss 6 WZ)
Long As I Live (Worlock 6 STS)
Lost (Preskitt 6 STS)
Love Ain't Here Anymore (Schmidt 6 WZ)
Maps (Goss 6 CH)
Married (Shawver 6 WZ)
Memory (Easterday 6 MX)
Midnight Tango (Vogt 6 TG)
Misty Morning (Rumble 6 WZ)
Moonlight Memories (Worlock 6 FT)
Muchacha (Shibata 6 CH)
Mujer (Read 6 RB)
My Cup Of Love (Bahr 6 WZ)
My First My Last My Everything (Preskitt 6 FT)
My Sweet Catherine (Goss 6 WZ)
Nocturne (Lamberty 6 WZ)
Ole Guapa VI (Hurd 6 TG)
On Days Like These (Preskitt 6 BL)
One Hand One Heart (Rotscheid 6 WZ)
Only Time (Worlock 6 RB)
Our Love Melody (Bahr 6 WZ)
Over the Rainbow (Worlock 6 RB)
Papillon (Lamberty 6 WZ)
Pensando En Ti (Esqueda 6 FT)
Perfidia (Slater 6 RB)
Peter Gunn (Goss 6 CH)
Picardy Foxtrot (Slater 6 FT)
Poema (Noble 6 TG)
Portrait (Nelson 6 WZ)
Promise Me (Scherrer 6 RB)
Puttin' On The Ritz (Goss 6 QS)
Rama Lama Ding Dong (Worlock 6 JV)
Recuerdos De L'Alhambra (Preskitt 6 WZ)
Red River Waltz (Bahr 6 WZ)
Regresa A Mi (Shibata 6 BL)
Right Here Waiting (Goss 6 BL)
Rhythm Of My Heart (Read 6 WCS)
River Waltz (Rumble 6 WZ)
Romantica Playa (Nelson 6 RB)
Sam's Song (Shawver/Casey 6 FT)
Saturday Night Lindy (Bahr 6 Lindy)
Sea In Autumn (DeChenne 6 RB)
Secret Garden Rumba (Goss 6 RB)
Senza Fine VI (Hurd 6 WZ)
Serenade (Rumble 6 WZ)
Sing A Long Mambo (Worlock 6 M)
Six Blue Roses (Hurd 6 WZ)
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (Rumble 6 FT)
Someone Like You (Preskitt 6 RB)
Someone Like You (Preskitt 6 RB)
SOS Tango (DeChenne 6 TG)
Speaking Of Happiness (Hurd 6 FT)
Summertime (Rotscheid 6 FT 2016)
Symphony (Slater 6 FT)
Take It To the Limit (Preskitt 6 WZ)
Taking A Chance On Love (Clements 6 FT)
Teacher's Pet (Preskitt 6 JV)
The Children (Barton 6 WZ)
The Matador (Worlock 6 PD)
The More I See You (Preskitt 6 CH)
The Outcasts (Worlock 6 WZ)
The Phantom (Worlock 6 TG)
The Rainbow Connection (Anderson 6 WZ)
The Very Thought Of You (Molitoris 6 FT)
The Vision (Shibata 6 WZ)
Theme From Black Orpheus (Goss 6 RB)
Till (Moss 6 MX)
Trickle, Trickle (Shibata 6 JV)
Trumpet Fiesta (Goss 6 PD)
Unchained (Worlock 6 WZ)
Valentine (Worlock 6 BL)
Violette (Nelson KB 6 WZ)
Waltz In A Flat (Goss 6 WZ)
When I Dream VI (Hurd 6 BL)
When You Smile (Davis 6 FT)
Wait For Me (Hurd 6 RB)
Where Is Your Love (Worlock 6 RB)
Where or When (Worlock 6 FT)
Whistling in the Dark (Rumble 6 WZ)
You Deserve (Read 6 FT)
You Raise Me Up (Read 6 STS)
You're My World (Prow 6 HCW)
You've Got A Friend In Me (Preskitt 6 FT)
Your Man (Worlock 6 WCS)



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